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You can find many public organizations and governement and judicial resources where you can conduct a search yourself. You can either go to the establishments yourself or do a search online when available and lookup contact information or even do searches as detailed as criminial history, court and civil cases.

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There are many online people search and background check providers and site that will let you do an initial search free and then provide you variety of reports for a fee. Or some online services provide you with a membership programs where for a fixed fee you can run as many searches as you like.

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Don't discount search thtough the web for information actually that is the first thing you should do. There is a wealth of information on online. Try Google or Bind or Yahoo! It is easy and it is free and these days everyone know how to do it. Just type in information you have and start refining and see if you get results.

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What is People Search?

If you are trying to locate someone, or if you are looking for someone's address, telephone number, social network profile or maybe you are looking for someone's email address. Then you need to conduct a people search. Most people searches are available online either through premium or free people search services.

People Search Results helps you get results for your people searches in People Search. The links below will help you with your People Search. Keep in mind some states or online services charge fees others are free. We gather them all in one place so you can easily locate the people you are searching and find information abou them, such as their current address or do a background check to learn more about their past.

Locate People, Loved Ones, Missing People, Friends, Classmates or Those You Have Lost Touch With.

Types of People Search or People Locate

You can usually search by Address, Name, Phone Number. Sometimes if you have more information about a person you might be able to search by that information or use that information to increase the possibility of success or even increase accuracy. These could be: social security number, relatives, profession, place of business, or any other piece of information that increases the chances of discovering data about a person. Also other resources available to you are public records and variety of public and governmental agencies that collect and provide public data. Obviously when you go to a paying site they research and compile information from variety of sources including this free public record sources and they charge you for the service of compiling and providing you the information. In this site you will also see free links to original resources where you maybe able to do people search and locate people on your own if you have the time and do not really want to spend the money.

Reverse Lookups

Sometimes you have some information and you are trying to find who the information belongs to or the owner these are called reverse searches or reverse lookup.

Reverse Phone Lookup

For example if you are looking for the owner of a telpehone number of a number which keeps calling your number and shows up on your caller id or you are going through your phone bill and cannot recognize who a number belongs to then you need a reverse phone lookup or reverse phone search. In this case you search by phone number and if the number exists in People Search databases you can find out the owner their address and sometimes some other information such as the phone companies or the history of who owned that phone number.

Reverse Address Lookup

You can also do a reverse address search so by searching for the address you find out who lives there and what is their phone number. This is sometime different than a property search where not only you find out the owner but you find the properties value and different owners and different times historically and neighborhood information including some neighbors.

Reverse Email Lookup

You can also conduct a reverse email lookup in this case you have someone's email but you don't know who it belongs to so you conduct a search on the email and find out the owner. This is the reverse of entering someone's name and last name and finding their email. So it is called reverse email search.

Other forms of People Search

If you need more information about a person or their past, history of where they lived, if they have had any encounters with law enforcement and criminal history and so forth then you should look for a more comprehensive reports such as background reports and criminal history checks.

Background Reports

Background reports usually provide you with a list of data that has been searched through People Search online and offline, including basic people search data such as name, aliases, address history, marriage and divorce data and also includes other records such as judgements, bankrupcy, and liens. Some background reports include criminal history as well.

Criminal History Check

Criminal history is usually checked either per state or nationwide. In a nationwide report criminal history is gathered from different states and compiled into one report. Keep in mind each state or county have different rules about privacy and therefore might not make certain records available or sometimes some records are not available online and through computerized databases therefore in that case you will need an on-premise report where an investigator goes through a court or jurisdiction and conducts a search. Usually this forms of searches are more expensive and take time. People Search will help you with background checks, asset search and locating people through People Search.

People locate is an online search on People Search Databases in order to find people. Search is available on any person who has public records. Usually people searches are done by providing name, last name, city or state which then provides results including address history, bith or death records, marriage records any criminal or civil court records. You can usually do a people search on phone numbers to find out who the number belongs to or in another word reverse phone lookup or search for social network profiles. You can usually also check for email address or even reverse email address to find out who the email belongs to.

People search is helpful in order to locate loved ones, find parents of foster kids or adopted children, to find old friends or classmates or people you have lost touch with. It is a great tool for school reunions, family reunions. Also lawyers nand other oranizations can locate people for investigation, testimony they can also check backgrounds of jurors, witnesses, etc. Conduct People Search in USA - including all counties in the 50 states of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and District of Columbia

Do People Search and Locate Relatives
Search and locate by name or address for lost brothers sister, children, parents, father, mother, grandparents.

Do People Search and Locate ex-spouses
Search and locate for ex-spouses, husbands or wives, by name or address.

Do People Search for Extended Relatives
Search and locate by name or address for extended family members, family you have been out of touch with. Locate cousins, Grandfather, Grandmother, Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, Nephews, Cousins, Mother - in - Law, Father - in - Law and Grandchildren.

Do People Search and Locate Neighbors, Friends, Acquainteces
Search and locate by name or address for boyfriends, girlfriends, neighbors, relations, friends or roommates.

Do People Search and Locate Classmates
Search by name or address for old friends or classmates

Do People Search and Locate Co-Workers and Professionals
Search and locate Co-workers, colleagues, old bosses and other professionals you have lost touch with.